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Copper is an orange-red malleable metal with a bright metallic luster. Like gold, never discarded, it is literally an original "Green Recyclable Metal". For thousands of years in its pure form or alloyed with zinc as bronze/brass, copper has been used for the variety of purposes such as roofing, coins, and even swords.
Copper has been the ultimate benchmark of any prestigious building throughout the millenniums. Properly installed heavy-weight copper will remain maintenance free for centuries. For example the copper roof of St. Mary's Cathedral, Hildesheim, installed in 1280 A.D., survived until its destruction during bombings in World War II. The elegant, timeless beauty of copper combined with its legendary longevity makes it a wonderful investment. Simple, functional copper gutters stand out better and are more solidly installed supported by brass gutter brackets. A copper finial or weathervane can adorn any straight or peaked roof top and give your property a distinctive crown.

We manufacture and install the variety of metal handcrafted products.
For home exteriors:

For home interiors:
  • Bronze Shower Doors
  • Solid heavy gauge Copper bathtubs
  • Range Hoods
  • Interior and Exterior Metal Panels