Traditional Old World Copper

Mission Statement

Masterful craftsmanship and fine detailing define our work. Our team of highly knowledgeable and committed artisans strives for meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations delivering exceptional quality and creative solutions. The venerable copper and bronze ensures that our products will endure the test of time for centuries to come.

Traditional Methods

We follow traditional methods involving high levels of manual craftsmanship. We cast our own bronze using traditional coke burning furnace. We use hand-tools such as chisels and hammers to form the copper into any shape desired. It is a trade that you just cannot learn from a book. Trade education (Berlin, Germany), acquired skills and four decades of experience, sweat and passion go into every ounce of copper to create a new masterpiece every time.

Hans Liebscher



Hans Liebscher has had a love affair with copper since his childhood in Germany. Over 40 years ago he turned his passion into a trade and gained and expert knowledge in the field of copper and became an accomplished master coppersmith with an international reputation for his exceptional craftsmanship.

Hans continues his education in copper fabrication and metallurgy. He has traveled the world, visiting locations traditionally known for their master coppersmiths refining his methods.He continues to raise the standard for high-end architectural copper craftsmanship.

Hans owns the US patents for his twisted ornamental "Vortex" copper downspout increasing the water flow and for his copper roof shingles.

Hans Liebscher