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Hindu Temple Copper Roof Domes and Decorative Work, San Francisco, CA

This is very extensive and custom copper roofing manufacturing and installation reconstruction project. The roofing dome structures are over seven feet tall and were previously constructed out of the galvanized steel while back in 1906. They needed to be replaced at this point. The decision was made to go with 32 oz. copper this time due to aesthetic reasons and to assure longest lasting installation possible. We replicated existing roofing structure and ornaments precisely. To be able to manufacture and precisely install tapered, triangular copper panels that went on the convex surfaces, required us to custom engineer special tooling, which we are sometimes called on to do on the complex historical reconstruction projects.

Technical Tidbit

Gore panel had to be laid out on site due to irregularities in the dome sub-structure.

Article about us in Baumetall, prestigious German Trade Magazine

View videos about the project: click here for a look before and here for a look after the project was completed.

Project Photos